Spite: Into The Ratacombs

- by Raveyard

For our first project of the second year we were asked to make a Diablo 3 inspired game. Same type of camera as Diablo, same metrics of the player as Diablo and same type of gameplay as Diablo. We could pick between two locations that our game would take place: Tibet - The Monks Path or Old Town - Catacombs. We picked Old Town - Catacombs. 

My Contribution:

We added the Finite State Machine that i made in the project before(Off-World Overdrive) becuse it was easy to work with and made gameplay coding faster to prototype. I made sure that the first states for the player worked, that the player could go from one state to another and then back again. I also prototyped the player, so the player could walk and that an easy interface existed for some one else to take over. 

We later on needed a AbilityUnlockComponent, so the player could gain an ability when a specific enemy was killed. 

I then started working on something very unfamilure to me, navigation. First I converted the the navmesh to a graph. I created a Navmesh Agent. After this the hard part begun. started working on the string pulling. 

First I checked for corners that nodes had in common, and draw them out with debug lines. When that was done that ment that i had my portals between nodes done. 

After that I started the next task to make it work: the funnel. To make sure the "right" side of the funnel was on the rigth side, and the "left" on the left side. Then i started with making the funnel smaler and smaller until a new apex was found( when one side crossed over the other side). 

After this I fixed so the player followed the path. It was alot of work and alot of bugs to fix but i am very proud of myself for actually taking the task of string pulling on. 

I made a Time Object so we could easier make slowmotion segments and such. 

So we easier could make menues and paues the game a made a  State Stack for the scenes. 


Edit Hansson

Tobias Grönvall

Jonas Krantz

Rémi Mrozek

Hugo Rogmark

Jonathan Söderman

Level Designers

Mirelle Eriksson

Jonas Henrikson

Sara Lövgren


Alexander Jansson

Carl Sjölander


Fredrik Hägg

Marcus Krol

Adam Nygren

Alexander Schwandner

Tecnical Artists

Daniel Bengtsson

Hector Sandberg