Off-World Overdrive

by Gigawatt Games

For the 5th and last project of the first year at The Game Assembly we had 8 weeks to finish an Adventure style game. 

The guidelines we had was that it was suppose to be Top-Down camera view and a World Exploring type of game. 

The reference game we picked was Hyper Light Drifter. 

My contribution

  • I Made a Finite State Machine(FSM) that could be used for both the enemies and the player. 
  • I made all the states for the player( walk, idle, attack, dash).
  • I created attack object, that created their own collider and give damage. This is created when an attack happen. 
  • The Level Designers could change metrics of the player though Json. 
  • You could also play with a controller. 
  • You could aim the dash with the computer mouse or right thumbstick on a controller.