My name is Edit Hansson and I am a second year programming student at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. 

The areas I like the most in programming is gameplay and AI, but with that said I love everything and find the fun stuff in all the challenges i face. 

Dale The Dragon Detective:

Murder at Dungeon Mountin

Awarded with 

  • Best Technical Execution

  • Gamers Choice
  • Best Execution in Audio

by Swedish Game Awards.

Companion AI

For my 5 week specialization course at The Game Assembly I decided to make a companion AI in Unity. 

Spite: Into The Ratacombs

The first project of the second year at The Game Assembly. It was a 14 week project and was a Diablo-inspierd game.

In this game what I mainly worked with

  • Pathfinding (Path-smoothing)
  • Navmesh
  • Gameplay

Off-World Overdrive

The 5th gameproject at The Game Assebly was an 8 week project

where we were assigned to make an adventure-like game.  

I was in charge of the player in this game. 

Colonel Panic

The third game project at The Game Assembly.

I made the UI elements in for this game.